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Vaccines Work To Help End Polio

There has been so much happening this year, and while many are focusing on creating a COVID-19 vaccine and the devastating effects it has had on our communities worldwide, we are still working hard to eradicate polio.  We must remember the children who miss out on life-saving vaccines that prevent dangerous diseases like polio and measles. 
In many countries where polio is a threat, children’s pinky fingers are marked with purple ink after they’re immunized. This helps health workers know which children are protected. #VaccinesWork #endpolio 

How You Can Help:

You donate $40 to the Rotary Foundation Polio Fund. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match your donation 2 for 1 ($80) and your $40 will become $120. The $120 will purchase 200 vaccines and will save 200 lives.
You can go to End Polio, sign-in and make your donation to the polio fund. Send a copy of your receipt and we will give you a pin.
Thank you all for your upport to get rid of polio for good.