#Rotary4Recovery supports addiction prevention initiatives and community outreach for those in need. Due to COVID-19, things had to be done differently this year, take a look.
Substance abuse is a serious illness that infiltrates our communities and our homes, affecting our neighbors and friends, and devastating families.
The journey to recovery is far from easy, and with so many hurdles to overcome, the stigma of addiction should not be one of them. Those struggling with addiction need the help and support of their communities in order to avoid relapse and achieve recovery.
Rotary 4 Recovery is a part of our Bordentown Rotary Club and has been a driving force to helping those in need. We're working on breaking the stigma of this disease called addiction. 
Last night we held a safe, Remembrance Gathering at the Bordentown Beach in Bordentown City, NJ. It was raining, cold and breezy as it was right on the Delaware River. However we made it work and it was a wonderful event. 
Father Matt Tucker said prayers and the names out loud, our Mayor James Lynch spoke and our own Hilary Bilek who was in charge of the event, spoke as well. 
Photo by Rotary Members Deirdre Ryan Photography and Lauren Fenstermacher.
Below is an edited version of the Facebook Live Video from our Bordentown Rotary Club Facebook Page. We had a few glitches a it was one of our first times doing a live feed. LOL