Our District Governor, Joanne Ventura visited our group on August 6th, 2016 at our breakfast meeting at Mastoris Diner. 
Once a year the District Governor makes an official visit to each club in the District. The Club Visit schedule will be posted on our District Website.
The purpose of the visit:
-To allow the District Governor to communicate with the Club members;
-To be a useful counselor to further the Object of Rotary among the Clubs in the District, and to assist those Clubs that may need some guidance.
-To motivate Rotarians to participate in service activities to strengthen the programs of Rotary.
- Bring attention to important Rotary issues as they pertain to both the RI and District levels.
-Recognize the contributions of Rotarians in the Club.
Prior to the District Governor’s visit, your Assistant Governor (AG) will meet with your club officers to review the club’s “Rotary Club Health Check”.
Additionally, the AG will confirm with the Club President the meeting schedule and arrangements.
- Reconfirm with your AG at least one month in advance of the District Governor’s visit.
- The District Governor and spouse (if attending) are guests of your club when making an official visit. Most importantly, communicate any special
plans you have for the Governor to be sure it fits in with any other plans the Governor may have.
Our District Governor, Joanne Ventura, and our Bordentown Rotary Club President, William Mercantini. 
We talked about the Can-A-Thon, Rotary 4 Recovery, Young Rotarian and more. All in all, it was a great meeting.